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Advanced Acting Professor, Playwrights Horizons Theatre School at NYU, 2019-2020
Scene Study Teacher, Ripley-Grier, NYC, 2018-present
Acting Teacher, New York Summer School for the Arts, Delhi, NY, 2018-present
Founder/Artistic Director & Teaching Artist, Kids Creative Collective, Inc., NYC, 2011-present
Private Acting Coach 2008-present
Acting & Improv Teacher, Greenhope Center for Women, NYC, 2017-2018


One-On-One Private Audition Preparation and Acting Coaching

For actors of ALL LEVELS of experience as well as for singers and dancers who wish to hone their skills and move out of the chorus. I am a professional actor with my MFA from NYU Grad Acting and I also produce, direct, write and devise theatre with adults and young people.

I will also help you with upcoming sides or monologues for EPA preparation. I will help you find monologues that you will actually enjoy working on and using in auditions, and will work with you on career preparation to guide you in the best way to secure agents and get you on casting directors' radars. I can also assist you in preparing the numerous pieces needed for Graduate School Auditions and give you inside tips on what these institutions are seeking in potential candidates.

In addition to audition preparation, I will help you with branding, with styling, with ideas for social media campaigns and headshot photographers. I really enjoy helping creatives in the performing arts find their niche, confidence and a path forward! Contact me with any questions.


For public speaking and job interviews. Through many techniques which students can easily practice at home, clients will understand how to prepare speech content and connect with an audience, how to have the most impactful verbal and physical delivery and to be calm and focused before any event.

Past clients include lawyers, detectives, philosophers, mathematicians, doctors, fine artists, teachers, and small business owners.


Ages 6-18. Focusing on the basics of acting technique, and voice & speech, allows young actors to find freedom and feel confident in auditions and bookings.


Using theatre games, movement, improvisation, modern and classical text in scene study, my students come to fully embody the characters they play while discovering a sense of freedom, joy and play which will enhance their lives off the stage as well.

Contact me for more information about booking a session for acting or public speaking coaching.


Currently accepting new clients

A few spaces have opened up in my private sessions for actors of all stages as well as for individuals wishing to become more confident and successful in public speaking and interview settings.

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Stacey and I have been working with each other for three months now, and each session with her is like a breath of fresh air. I look forward to absorbing her exciting energy each week. I feel like I've improved immensely as an actor and will continue to grow by using her techniques. How incredibly lucky I am to have stumbled upon Stacey's website - thank you so much Stacey! Leyla Polozhani, Actor

Stacey has shown me the importance of what it means to be a generous artist and human. She has helped me hone all of my tools as an actor and solidify a process for myself for any project at hand. Not only does she lend you an extreme amount of wisdom and guidance about how to own who you are as a person, but she is also just the best human to be around. Stacey is an essential part of my journey as an actor and I am beyond grateful to have her as my mentor. - Gianna Milici, Actor

Stacey is a brilliant coach. Her process is simple yet challenging and she approaches our work physically, vocally, with an eye on how the text can be illuminated and the importance of playing actions. Stacey has helped me book several jobs! -Sophia Ramos, Actor / Singer 

Stacey Linnartz teaches with warmth and rigor. Her supportive learning environment gave me the freedom to challenge myself in my work; her approach to early-rehearsal textwork was a game changer for me! Through the tools Stacey has given me, my work is so much more specific and personal, and my confidence as a physical actor has grown. - Arden Traynor, BFA NYU Playwrights Horizons

For the past three summers, Stacey Linnartz has been the lead Acting teacher for the New York State Summer School of the Arts - a 4-week intense conservatory for the top high school Theatre students in NY State (the Governor's School).  Stacey's detailed, insightful work demonstrates a deep knowledge of all styles of Acting.  She is a natural teacher who is warm, perceptive and inspirational. We always say, "Stacey brings light into a room!"-Peg Denithorne, Artistic DirectorNew York State Summer School of the Arts, School of Theatre

I gained a deeper understanding of my humanity and vulnerability through my coaching sessions with Stacey. I feel I am a much more organic, effective auditoner and have learned so many ways to center myself through Stacey’s holistic approach using Alexander technique and simple meditation exercises. In addition to her approach to text work, I now have a new approach to physicalizing choices through psychological gesture. - Douglas Huffman, Actor

Stacey’s class was the most important class I had in my undergrad training at NYU. She has created a safe space for me where I can take risks. - Aidan Stevens, BFA, NYU Drama

I booked the play after my audition prep with Stacey! I hadn’t booked in a while and her approach has completely shifted how I approach auditions - I’m so much more confident and getting callbacks - and bookings. I feel like I can finally bridge the gap between my work as an actor and what I need to do to be effective in auditions. Rahul Khar, Actor

Working with Stacey is such a joy! She knows how to make one feel safe in a class or in any environment. Our work is very vulnerable, and Stacey knows how to bring the best out of a student! I have learned a lot from Stacey and continue to learn from her and use the tools she has already given me in my gigs! I highly recommend getting in touch with Stacey for all your coaching needs!" NaFis, Actor

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